WordPress Vs Static Website – Which One To Choose?

To illustrate the WordPress and Static website, let look at this simple scenario. Imagine you just shifted to a new office and you need to update your address ASAP so that customers can reach out to you.

WordPress vs Static Website

First, you contact your web developer.

Second, you wait for your web developer to get back to you after he/she has updated your new address. If you're lucky, it gets updated the same day, else may need to wait for a few days.

Well, after your developer has updated the address, you noticed he has missed out on the street name, Ghosh! you get back to the developer and get it fixed.

Programmer Update Static Website

The process can get easier or it can become complicated depending on the situation. The point is if you are not a programmer or do not understand code, chances are a simple task (eg address update) may take a few exchanges of emails or telephone calls.

This, in fact, can easily be done simply by logging in to your admin panel even if you know the WordPress basics.

The main advantage of using WordPress is because it is using what is known as Content Management Systems (CMS). With CMS, you can log in to your backend (i.e admin panel) and make the changes, whether to change an image, update an article, update your contact info, etc. Everything can be done easily just like editing a Microsoft Word file without touching a single line of code.

Edit Contact page with CMS

The previous example illustrates a situation that involved changing of address, which may happen every few years (if it happens at all). What if you need to update the latest product where products may need to be replaced every few days or weeks. That will involve more 2-way communication and it becomes a chore.

Chances are the developer is imposing maintenance fees and the cost depends on what to update and its frequency. Well, in business outsourcing is great but if it is something simple that takes less than a minute or a few of your time that you can do your own, you are better off doing it yourself.

Before WordPress is available, static websites are widely used.

Back then creating a website is a programmer's or developer's job. It is totally impossible for the majority of people who have no coding background. Well, with WordPress that is changing. Anyone who can follow the step-by-step instructions can have their very own website up and running in no time. Thanks to WordPress!


Is WordPress The Only CMS Platform, What Are the Alternative?

WordPress is NOT the only platform that is CMS enabled. In fact, there are more platforms that are using CMS, namely Joomla and Drupal. However, Many vouched WordPress is the preferred choice as it is easiest to use and provides the most flexibility.

Between WordPress and static websites, chances are WordPress is a better choice. Even if you are a programmer, you will find building a site with WordPress is way faster compared to code it from scratch, which is time-consuming.

So Static Website or WordPress?

The ball is in your court. Unless you are a programmer and don't mind messing with the code, it is definitely easier to work with WordPress compared to the static site. Well, even you are a programming geek, I bet you will prefer an easier and quicker option. Go with WordPress 🙂

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