Why Rank In The Top Three In SERPS?

In general, 57% of the organic traffic goes to the top 3 of the search results. So when your webpage is ranking in the first three spots, you stand a higher chance to get clicks to your website.

1st position: 33%

2nd position: 15%

3rd position: 9%

Clicks Based on Position in SERPS

As long as your website is on page 1, you still get the share of the “pie” even if you are beyond the top three, it's just that the pie is getting smaller. It is also worth noting that, page 1 of the search results gets 75% of the traffic. So if your website appears on page 2 or beyond, do a proper optimization both on-page and off-page so that it can make it to page 1 and increase your traffic.

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