How To Do Backup In WordPress? (and Restore)

If you own or manage a WordPress website, having a proper backup in WordPress is very important as you need it in the worst-case scenario to bring your site back to its original state. A website without a backup is disastrous and should avoid at all costs.

How To Backup WordPress Site Correctly?

WordPress backup can be done in different ways, It can be done at the server level where WordPress files, databases can be exported or downloaded to a local computer or save to remote storage. Most web hosting also usually performed automated daily or weekly backup your all your server files, so when needed, the backup can be restored.

The server-level backup usually requires some technical knowledge and as for the automated backup, the frequency depends on the hosting company and it may be performed on their schedule which could be weekly or every fortnight. Some company has restoration function built into their hosting control panel while some required customers to submit a support ticket.

It's possible but not the best.

What's the best solution?

Well, while my web hosting provides nightly and weekly automated backup, I did not fully rely on the hosting company in case I need to do the restoration. I consider the backup by the hosting company as 2nd Level backup.

My 1st Level backup is the site backup, in this case, WordPress backup that I perform myself. In the very unlikely event that my WordPress backup doesn't work for any reason, I can still fall back to 2nd Level backup which is from my hosting company.

WordPress backup is easy to do and relatively fast to complete(depending on your file size). And when it comes to restoration, it is very convenient as well.

WordPress Backup Plugin – How To Backup and Restore

So how do I do my 1st level WordPress backup? Using probably one of the best plugin – WPvivid plugin. It's free and easy to use.

Here's how to backup the WordPress website using WPvivid:

Step 1: Install the WPvivid Plugin and activate it

install wpvivid backup plugin

Step 2: From the WordPress side menu, click on WPvivid Backup to access the WPvivid dashboard

WPvivid Dashboard

Step 3: Select Database + Files (WordPress Files) to backup everything. Click Backup Now

Backup All Files

Step 4: Sit back while the backup is in progress

Backup in Progress

Step 5: Once the backup is completed, scroll down to the Backups section and click Download to save your files to the local drive

Download Backup File
Click To download

That's it! and the process is very simple and straightforward.

Next, what if the disaster strikes and you need to restore the site?

Step 1: Locate your backup file. Click on the Upload tab and drag & drop or browse your file in order to upload it.

Upload File To Restore

Step 2: Once the uploading is done, click on the Backups tab and you will see the backup file that you just uploaded.

Click To Upload

Step 3: Click on the Restore and in a moment the site will be restored to its original condition

Restore WordPress Backup

That's pretty simple, right?

There are more functions of this awesome plugin such as backup to a remote location, scheduling backup, and more. To keep things simple especially to newbies, getting the core function right is important that is knowing how to backup and restore. I may discuss other functions in another article if there are demands.

Remember, backup is important! If you have not done it already, do it now.

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